Digital vidéo, color and B & W, 30min., 2002-2003
Conceived, directed, filmed, edited and performed by Klonaris/Thomadaki
Original sound track: Spiros Faros
Image post-production: Klonaris/Thomadaki in collaboration with Cathy Vogan
during an artist's residency at the CICV Pierre Schaeffer
Production: A.S.T.A.R.T.I. 
with support from the CICV Pierre Schaeffer
and the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Visual Arts Delegation, Paris
Copyright 2002: Klonaris / Thomadaki

(Quasar is an abreviation for the astronomical term "Quasi Stellar radiosource")

Quasars are the most far away stellar sources. They are intensely brilliant active galaxies. The origin of their optical spectre is non thermic. They have a bipolar structure and eject matter from the interior regions of their nucleus. They are radiosources observable through the tools of extra-galactic astronomy.

The video QUASAR is part of The Angel Cycle, where we intermingle the human body with stellar bodies. With QUASAR we go back to self-portraiture. It is a double self portrait, in which our faces hybridate with each other and with stars - a quasi stellar state.

All iconic materials in QUASAR come from astronomic still photography, which we have animated by digital devices into wave patterns of dilatation and contraction or into whirlwinds of particles.

The macrocosm present in QUASAR is a non colonized outer space. A non science-fictionalized outer space. It is a space of fantasized stars and galaxies, black holes and light particles. It is a space of hypnotic contemplation and dissociation of the subject from the self. Immersion into macrocosmic vibrations, rotations, contractions, into slow and curved time patterns. Non linear, non climactic time. Outer-inner skies.

QUASAR is still another cosmologic project in the chain of our female and intersex cosmogonies. And still another project on gaze.

The original sound track by young greek electronic composer Spiros Faros expands visual space and creates synaesthetic effects.
M.K. - K.T., 2003


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Texts and photos: copyright Maria Klonaris/Katerina Thomadaki. All rights reserved