Cécile Chich

M.Klonaris dans Pulsar
M.Klonaris dans Pulsar
close your eyes 
inverted black & white
go to the other side

face black as a starry night sky
body-shadow amongst infinite spaces
looks at you

pulsations rhythms sparks

Black Astarte of chtonic powers 
awesome mask,
wild-haired, wide-eyed like a petrifying Medusa
stares at you down to the very core of your bones

appears disappears

sonic spell

as in a state of hypnosis
I am inescapably propelled 
towards my own uncanny

Black Kali or sorceress whose hand
annihilates obstacles in a strike
cyberwoman coming out of her Pandora's box
reflects the abysmal mirror of my own fears

danse trance fury

forms break down the image is shattered



and the body in all its physical power becomes 
an unbearable whiteness
a radical void
vibrating, palpitating
like a screen of a myriad electrons where,
ultimate beyond, I lose myself
something happens, since in this light
fall turns to rise 
darkness to light
fear to desire
death to renewal
in nothingness everything is
pulsar : stars become dust, pure energy

shamanic body of transfigurative powers
frightening, groundbreaking
so as to let only the essential be
the need for love, the cry of life, the courage to face the angel of death,
the fluid gentleness

all this is to be seen 
for whomever wants to see, eyes all shut, yet
for this to be believed, one might have already met one's own Medusa
and gone along the inner path of dread
on which beauty, strength and compassion are to be found
- seen this ugly mask of ours, our own insignificance 
accepted it - or the sorceress' eye may lie in for long
haunting us like an age-old Erenny

close your eyes
throw your gaze into the unfathomable
a black gaze unifying the invisible forces of the body
with those of exploding stars

Cécile Chich,  January 2002

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