Requiem pour le XXe siècle

Video, 14min., b&w and colour, sound, 1994 
Conception, image, direction: Maria Klonaris, Katerina Thomadaki 
Original music: Spiros Faros 
Production: Eikona, Athens / A.S.T.A.R.T.I., Paris
Copyright: Klonaris / Thomadaki 1994 

Requiem pour le XXe siècle
The Angel Cycle (1985-) has its starting point at a medical photograph of a hermaphrodite that we have associated to the concept of the Angel. Up to now it includes more than twenty works: multimedia performances and installations, photo-sculptures, sound pieces, radio broadcasts, an artist’s book, computer animations, video tapes.

Requiem pour le XXe siècle brings the "Angel" photograph in relation with archival footage from 2nd World War. It is an anti-war manifesto, an elegy. As a body of difference, a stranger, the "Angel" figure acquires an ambiguous status of observer, witness, victim or judge. 

This video crosses technologies: Super 8 and 16mm film, photography, computer graphics and video processing. 
M.K. - K.T., 1994

All photos by Klonaris/Thomadaki unless otherwise stated

Le Cycle de l'Ange (1985-2013)
installation Mois de la Photo à Paris
installation Espace Landowski
text by Monika Leisch-Kiesl
The Angel Cycle

Textes et photos: copyright Maria Klonaris/Katerina Thomadaki. All rights reserved.