A Virtual Retrospective
1975 - 2018

About this site

This website, which is designed to have both a documentary and an evolving character, is presented in the form of a cyber-retrospective, a digital catalogue of a quarter of a century of creativity (1975-1999). We have opted to use text and photography to demonstrate the deployment of an international and interdisciplinary practice, which explores analogue as well as digital media, and links the still and the moving image, sound, live action, projection environments, time and space.

This site is organised in a double way, both by thematic cycles and by ‘genres’ (films, ‘expanded’ cinema, installation-environments, videos, photographic series, sound). Web pages include photos and the original text that accompanied each work at its showing. Together, these texts (first handed out at screenings, then published in books, catalogues and magazines or even broadcast on radio programmes) form a sort of diary of our artistic journey. Running in parallel, an anthology of writings on our work by critics and theorists echoes our practice.

If we have chosen for the time being not to include animated sequences or sound, it is because our audiovisual work fundamentally relies on duration, uninterrupted flux, undulation and sensory immersion – all principles which are, in our view, in contradiction with the Internet’s current form.

For the moment, we have been drawn towards the idea of an interactive book-on-the-screen.

This site, created between Paris and Athens, would not exist without the friendship and intensive collaboration of Gelina Iconomopoulou, whom we thank most heartily for her precious technical support.
Maria Klonaris / Katerina Thomadaki, december 1999

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Maria Klonaris / Katerina Thomadaki, 1999
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All the photographs in this site are by the artists, unless otherwise stated.
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Contact e-mail: klon.thom.astar@wanadoo.fr