Personal Statement

Video, 7 min., b&w and colour, sound, 1994
Conception, image, direction, texts, sound composition: Maria Klonaris - Katerina Thomadaki
Instrumental improvisations: Hélène Bass (cello), Stéphane Nigard (electric guitar)
Voice: Maria Klonaris
Hands: Katerina Thomadaki
Post production: Studio Eikona, Athens and Studio Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz
Copyright : Klonaris / Thomadaki 1994

Personal Statement
Personal Statement
Personal Statement
Personal Statement stages processed photographs of the "Angel", which endlessly unfold in a vertical scroll. Female hands attempt to caress the eluding body. 

"This is a personal statement about you.
About your body.
You have become the composite series of an infinite erotic fiction. 
A magic image. Hermaphrodite. Angel.
You are the celebration of a myth.
You the erotic mutant. A peculiar offspring of a sexual and artistic 
This is a personal statement about you."
M. K. - K. T., 1994
(extract from the soundtrack)

All photos by Klonaris/Thomadaki unless otherwise stated

Le Cycle de l'Ange (1985-2013)
Installation Personal Statement
The Angel Cycle

Textes et photos: copyright Maria Klonaris/Katerina Thomadaki. All rights reserved.